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Character Creation Reopened
Puppy Maid Devi2021-07-12 23:41:17
Hello All
Character creation has been reopened now that the domain move has been successful.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Puppy Maid Devi2021-04-24 19:40:06
Hi Everyone!
I am sorry that new character creation is currently disabled. This is due to an unfortunate situation, and I hope to be able to enable them soon.

Survey to figure out Javascript usage
Puppy Maid Devi2019-11-18 21:17:49
Hello there good people.
As I am sure everyone knows, this site, is a bit on the old side, and has its quirks like the badnavs. I am working on a new site, with the old functionality, but with better underpinnings. Towards this I need to know, how do you good people browse the site, mainly, do you allow javascript to run?

https://www.strawpoll.me/18961889 is the survey. This allows me to plan what I need to do for the site.


New Rooms For Houses!
Puppy Maid Devi2019-06-29 20:18:43
After some careful negotiation I managed to hire a team, of inter-dimensional construction workers for the estates.
In dwelling management you should get the option to manage rooms, there you can add a new room, edit an existing, or delete one.
Rooms get a name, a description, and a talkline (Like whispers in gardens, or says in square).

Please enjoy.

New Rules.
Puppy Maid Devi2019-06-08 23:34:54
As it seems previous problems prevented the post about this.
After reviewing the poll that was run about this problem, this rule is now implemented.

Please keep extreme kinks out of public places. PMs and houses exist for a reason, and that is anything that is wished/ required privacy for.
This includes Gore/Torture/Snuff (Death during fight/event, depends on context) /Scat/Watersports/etc. This will be dealt with as required, Due to the nature of the game, there will not be an attempt to codify every single situation, so the list may increase, or decrease, depending on what happens / what people wish.

Within the next month, the housing estates will be modified to add rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Plus more keys, including temporary ones. We hope this will make things easier for people.

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