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Survey to figure out Javascript usage
Good Puppy Devi2019-11-18 21:17:49
Hello there good people.
As I am sure everyone knows, this site, is a bit on the old side, and has its quirks like the badnavs. I am working on a new site, with the old functionality, but with better underpinnings. Towards this I need to know, how do you good people browse the site, mainly, do you allow javascript to run?

https://www.strawpoll.me/18961889 is the survey. This allows me to plan what I need to do for the site.


News for Mon, Jul 13, 2020
Sleepy Kaylin and Kevin were seen heading up the stairs in the inn together.
An new gem delivery arrived at the gemstore!
The souvenir shops got restocked!
Demon of Desires nyx has defeated her master, Sue Chan to advance to level 10 after 19 days!!
Demon of Desires nyx has saved a lost dalmatian puppy from a cruel fashion designer!
Demon of Desires nyx found the Cute Collar of the Elves.
Demon of Desires nyx drew the Star Card.
Some people got their stolen memories back, thanks to Demon of Desires nyx
Demon of Desires nyx has defeated her master, Devi to advance to level 9 after 19 days!!
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